Hello, I’m Angelo from Belgium, but you might recognize me online as Mindivided.

I have a profound fondness for retro-computing. It feels somewhat akin to unearthing an old vinyl and letting it play — there’s a distinct rhythm to those ancient systems, a genuine approach to bridging the gap between raw hardware and human interaction, something often lost in today’s digital age. When I immerse myself in them, it’s not merely about the circuits or the code; it’s about capturing the essence of a time when every byte was crucial, and users weren’t constantly nickel-and-dimed.

Then there’s Antwerp, my beloved city. It isn’t just about bricks and concrete; it’s a living mosaic of tales, harmoniously blending the old with the new. Each alley and square seem to echo stories from bygone days, inviting continual exploration. In a way, the city acts as my personal time capsule, allowing me to delve into narratives from long before my time.

Now, you may be curious about how aerial image analysis relates to retro-computing or local history. At some point in time, this topic used to be my profession and I never managed to let go: I frequently find myself engrossed in Map applications and QGIS, observing our world from a bird’s-eye perspective. This isn’t merely a geographical endeavor; it’s about discerning patterns and stitching together stories and chronicles which have been fortunately captured by sharp telephoto lenses bolted on satellites and aeroplanes.

Within this space, you’ll encounter tales related to anything above.