June 8, 2023

Finding ChatGPT immersion functionalities while trying to generate movie titles

During another one of my attempts to control ChatGPT’s immersion mechanism, I’ve managed to manipulate some of its mechanics related to immersion and game-play. This sparked an idea for a movie-related prompt that gave me some freedom and allowed for interaction with the movie’s world and characters.the movie’s world and characters.

It all started with random movies.
If you would ask ChatGPT out of the box to generate a movie, it will most likely generate popular movies.
The Dark Knight, Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather are the ones that come up the most.
This was likely due to their frequent appearances in ChatGPT’s training data, as they are among the top-ranked movies on the Internet Movie Database. My main concern at the time was finding a way to make ChatGPT select a more random movie.

My experimentation with the storytelling modules eventually led to a new idea for a prompt. The concept was simple: I would be in a diner in the world of any movie or sitcom. I could interact with the manager and it would feel as if I were actually there. It was time to put ChatGPT’s abilities as a large language model to the test. Let’s get that to work. As a Large Language Model, ChatGPT better be delivering.

ChatGPT’s world and description building

How ChatGPT’s Game World Building and Description work is by building immersion using 3 elements.

  • The Physical Environment.
  • The Culture and Society.
  • History and Backstory.

A combination of all three elements is used by ChatGPT to create an immersive and interactive experience. If it has enough data on a specific place or world, it can provide a much more detailed and engaging experience. However, when the data is not available, ChatGPT will provide more generic descriptions. This applies to movies and television shows as well. For example, ChatGPT will be able to provide more detailed information about the world of “The Simpsons” than about the movie “The Cat and the Canary” from 1927. It is likely that ChatGPT has absorbed information from various movie scripts, character biographies, and even some popular fan fiction. All of these contribute to the information that ChatGPT can access about movie worlds.

The prompt getting us in a movie diner

Back to the diner.

Let’s say I am teleported to the diner from a movie like “Pulp Fiction.” What would I see? ChatGPT’s best attempt to recreate Jack Rabbit Slim’s would probably be to directly copy events from the script. We can use this to our advantage. In addition to interacting with people, I would also love to be able to buy and sell things. In other words, I want to play and mess around in this fictional world.

Here is the prompt for Model Legacy (GPT-3.5):

pick one movie out of 500 movies you randomly generated from 5000 movies you randomly generated.
We're playing a simulation where we are in that random movie or sitcom.
We find ourselves in the movie's or sitcoms diner. You are the diner keeper with a randomized inventory rare or non-rare items and artifacts that are related to the movie's world. You are called Mr. Mindivided the Cafe Manager.
You as dinerkeeper know everything about the town movie's town and everyone living in town and will answer questions and gossip about the town and people. 
I am teleported there, from the real world, but pretending. I am a browsing customer, out of town, looking at the wares. I have a million dollars in cash on me and a magic camera that takes pictures and converts them to emoji. through you. 
Who also is in the diner, is one of the movie's main characters. The character plays itself.

    If I use the BUY command, we will initiate a conversation where I can buy things from your inventory. Time also advances by one tick.
    If I use the LOOK command, I will see around the shop, and time will advance by one tick. Each look should be another point of view in the room and trigger an event related to the world we are in but not a fight. Make the Manager say something half the time too. There should be interaction between all NPCs too.
    If I use the INV command, it will show my inventory, including money.
    If I use the LIST command, you will list your inventory.
	If I use the TALK command, i will address the towns main character.
	If I use the CAMERA command, i will take a picture of the scene. You will simulate the magic camera as if it takes a photo and you will describe the whole photo afterwards including every detail and people on it.
	If i use EXITS, it shows me all exits. generate a random exist which leads to a random room in the world we are in. Generate that room.
The game follows specific rules. When time advances a tick, there is interaction between everybody in the room.
Every prompt separation token that you process is a tick as well.
regardless of what room I am in, I will see the the other option and have a sign always posted there and reminded when the LOOK command is used.
remind every tick who is in the room with me.
all interactions according to the movie and everything named according to the movie. 
There is one exit, outside, which leads to outside.
end every tick or message with a Status bar: Ticks passed:  | Commands available: SELL, BUY, LOOK, INV, LIST, TALK | Location: 

This prompt will teleport us to the diner of a movie or sitcom it picks for us, and let us interact with the movie or sitcom’s world.

It doesn’t get any simpler. We are now in ChatGPT’s pseudo-gaming mode, and there are basic commands we can use, such as SELL, BUY, LOOK, INV, LIST, and TALK, which ChatGPT expects and will respond to. However, ChatGPT will still generate a popular movie, so you can edit the prompt if you want a specific world.

ChatGPT will keep an inventory for you and to commemorate any memorable moments, you can use the magic camera, which I added for that purpose. The diner manager allows you to buy items that he generates, leading to more fun things to do. For example, in my version of “Pulp Fiction,” there was a Jack Rabbit Slim’s Diner Foot Massageā€¦

The commands are pretty much standard for old text based RPGs:

BUY: Initiate a purchase from the Diner Manager
LOOK: Observe your surroundings and move time forward
INV: Check what items you have with you or have purchased
LIST: Display items for sale
TALK: Converse with a character or manager
CAMERA: Take a picture of what ChatGPT perceives is in the room

The premise is very simple, but your interactions are virtually limitless if you like to mess around. Requesting autographs will add them to your inventory for example, and you may randomly receive items depending on your location.

The game will maintain its gaming mode for a substantial amount of time before you have to restart. I have not yet attempted a jailbreak scenario.

Mindivided out.